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Yefim Shulman

Between User Perceptions and Designers' Intentions: How to Improve User Control over Personal Information

Abstract: Users should be able to exercise control over their personal information - a consensus that made its way into legal frameworks (GDPR, CCPA). Yet, in practice little has changed for end-users (data subjects) in terms of personal control over their data. My talk will discuss how to overcome the challenges of user control over personal information by understanding how people perceive the extent of their control based on the situational context, system design and relying on their experiences and expectations. 

Bio: Yefim Shulman received the Master's degree in Business Informatics from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, and the undergraduate degree in Economics from Volgograd State Technical University, Russia. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree with Tel Aviv University, at the Department of Industrial Engineering. His current research is dealing with human behavior in online interactions, focusing on user decision-making regarding actions that may entail privacy-related consequences.